ADZ Heavy-Duty Truck and Tractor Drive Axle
Air-Ride Suspension

Lightest Weight


The ADZ is the industry’s lightest weight heavy-duty on and off-road drive axle air-ride suspension on the market.

Simplified design and innovative construction reduces overall vehicle weight by up to 250 lbs.

Unheard-of in a 100% off-road capable vocational suspension!

In addition, the ADZ’s durability out-performs previous designs by 54% and widens the gap on competitive models.



Weight Comparison

The ADZ listed weights in the OEM data book includes the weight of the crossmember and the Hendrickson PRIMAAX® EX suspension DOES NOT.

Here is a direct comparison with the weight of the crossmembers and mounting hardware removed.

ADZ ADZ-123 ADZ-126 ADZ-246 ADZ-252 ADZ-369 ADZ-378
Capacity (lbs) 23,000 26,000 46,000 52,000 69,000 78,000
Weight (lbs)* ** 522 553 1,044 1,106 1,566 1,659
PRIMAAX® EX PAX 232 PAX 262 PAX 462 PAX 522 PAX 692 PAX 782
Capacity (lbs) 23,000 26,000 46,000 52,000 69,000 78,000
Weight (lbs)* ** 542 651 1,078 1,292 1,629 1,931

*Published weights listed on website.

** Weights shown include suspension, shocks, air springs, control rods, welded axle brackets. Excludes crossmember and frame rail mounting hardware.

PRIMAAX® is a registered trademark of Hendrickson USA, LLC.

Industry's Best Stability

The NEWAY ADZ design features a linear roll rate that provides the industry's best roll stability.

With its widened stance, integral lower control arm, and V-rod upper controls arms the ADZ achieves a lower roll-rate which greatly enhances vehicle stability.

This leads to greater driver comfort, confidence, and safety for your operation.

The one-piece lower control arm reduces weight, reduces maintenance (fewer bushings), and greatly increases roll stability.

The V-rod replaces traditional track bars and torque rods to provide enhanced durability and reliability when distributing load forces.

100% Off-Road Stability

The ADZ has 8 full inches of actual vertical axle travel. When your tires stay on the ground, you have traction. 

Traction is a good thing!

The ADZ also features greater ground clearance. A 100% off-road suspension isn’t much good if you can’t drive over most anything in your path.  


Roll Stability

The ADZ provides +20% more roll stability than our closest competitor.

ADZ Roll Rate
14,112 ft-lbs/degree
11,730 ft-lbs/degree

The ADZ features a unitized assembly comprised of a highly optimized and engineered transverse beam (cross tube) with the engineered trailing arm.

This creates the industry’s only truly rigid torsion system, unlike the Primaax® EX which utilizes a mechanically fastened connection.

Primaax® EX Mechanically Fastened Connection

PRIMAAX® is a registered trademark of Hendrickson USA, LLC.

Superior Durability

54% more durable.

ADZ has been shown to be a whopping 54% more durable than our previous designs. That’s a long-lasting suspension!

Part of what led to this was the greatly increased articulation range. Components aren’t stressed, and wheels stay on the ground.

Parallelogram Design

Non-torque reactive parallelogram design keeps the pinion angle constant, reducing driveline noise and vibration.  

This improves both braking response, and overall suspension durability.


The centrally mounted V-Rod distributes load forces equally through the cross member and axle bracket.  This design is lighter, and more durable.



23,000 lbs (10,433 kg) to 78,000 lbs (35,380 kg)

A configuration for virtually any application.

ADZ can be engineered for your single, tandem, or tridem configurations.

Maintenance & Warranty

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Fewer components means ADZ is easier and less costly to maintain:

  •  Half the number of bushings versus nearest competitor.
  •  No specialized parts or extra hardware added.
  •  Increased (and proven) overall durability.


Non-welded pivot connection for fast and easy axle alignment. 

EZ-Align allows up to 1 inch of realignment.

3-Year Warranty Coverage*

Unlike the 1-year warranty on the Hendrickson PRIMAXX®, the NEWAY ADZ has the confidence to cover you for a full 3 YEARS.

3 years of heavy loads and rough roads, all while reducing overall maintenance for your operation.

* Limitations apply. Please see the NeWay Motorized Commercial Vehicle Suspensions warranty document for full details.


Warranty Coverage

The ADZ features a full 3-Year, NO EXTRA CHARGE warranty. This is our standard warranty, and not one that needs to be purchased.

NEWAY ADZ Warranty
3-Year Coverage Comes Standard
Type Months Miles
Major Components: Main structural components that include, but not limited to, frame brackets, equalizing beams, axle seats, axle caps, etc. Labor 12 Months 100,000 Miles
Parts 36 Months 250,000 Miles
ADZ Crossmembers Parts / Labor 60 Months 500,000 Miles
PRIMAAX® EX Warranty
3-Year Coverage with UpCharge
Term (unlimited miles) Axles Direct Pricing (USD)
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years Single $465
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years Tandem $615
OE Base 1 Year + 2 Years Tridem $790

PRIMAAX® is a registered trademark of Hendrickson USA, LLC.

Disc Brake Compatibility

NO special torque rods required!

The ADZ design geometry allows for both drum brakes and disc brakes WITHOUT requiring special torque rods unlike our nearest competitor.

This reduces complexity, weight, and maintenance for your operations.


Heavy Haul





Oil Field



Heavy-Duty Towing

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